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Saturdays at 9:30 am

$15 walk-in / 5 classes for $60

Ruscombe Community Hall

4803 Yellowwood Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21209

Keswick Wise and Well
700 West 40th Street

Baltimore, MD 21211

Thursday evenings at 6pm

Renaissance Institute at

Notre Dame

4701 N Charles Street

Baltimore, MD 21210

membership required


MELT hand and foot and soft Roller classes and workshops,

private sessions $65; MELT METHOD classes $15 per hour; workshops vary in price.


Keswick Wise and Well Center

700 West 40th street

Baltimore, MD 21210


Ruscombe Community Hall          

4803 Yellowwood Ave                                      

Baltimore, MD 21209   


Kaleidoscope- Roland Park Country School,

Tuesday evenings 6:30-7:30, All of October 2019                            



*Please contact Amy about MELT before registering, if you have specific health issues, or joint problems.


Click on 'learn more', and then move cursor over photo for class descriptions. 

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