Finding Balance and Ease

No matter what activities we engage in, our bodies are looking for ease. Our nervous systems are wired to help us avoid pain, and to find comfort.

Even in the best of circumstances, most of us are aware of spots that make themselves known to us- a little pain in the foot or knee when stepping, a tightness in the shoulders, maybe a moment when our low back twinges and says, “Notice Me”.

Here’s the crazy thing. Our big human brains like to override those messages. A little tweak in the low back? No problem- I can still lift this big box of books.I can still ride my bike for 30 miles today. I’m strong. It will ease up.

For a time, we can ignore the signals; but eventually, we find ourselves adjusting our gait, favoring one side, protecting and shifting our structure in order to keep doing the things we have to do, until that moment when we can’t put weight on one foot, our back seizes, or we can’t turn our heads... you get the picture.

What about the stresses to the spirit? The injuries to our psyche? Our bodies carry our stories; we are carved and molded by events of daily living. When we experience stress in any form, our body reacts. Sometimes we have the tools and resilience to shake it off and move forward. But most of us need some help finding the resources that help us integrate traumatic experiences so that we can live our lives more fully, accessing joy and ease in our bodies and in our souls.

That’s where Integrative Bodywork comes in. There are many ways to create ease, and help release pain and tension. Whether you have a physical injury, are struggling with emotional trauma, looking for balance in menopause, or struggling with other challenges that come with being a human, your body and spirit want to find balance. With Bodywork, self care tools, and joyful movement, you can return to center again and again!

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